Stairlift Leads

If you own a stairlift company and your business is having a difficult time connecting to customers, you may be in need of lead generation. Research states that online lead generation is growing by upwards of seventy percent each year, twice as fast as online advertising. This rapid growth is driven by a high demand for ROI focused marketing.

When you work with img_35us, you will be given a list of leads that have shown interest in obtaining more information about your product or service. They sign up for additional information after browsing an advertisement or an informational website which showcases information about certain products or services. It is here that your sales staff steps in and is given the warm lead to pursue. When you sign up for our lead generation services you are afforded full transparency including complete access to all calls and leads as well as recordings for all of your company campaigns.

You can enjoy access to your complete client portal which includes all data pertaining to your call logs and export leads. With this you also receive complete visibility into all of the leaves and calls made by your sales staff. This offers an enhanced business to business sales service that allows you a complete sales pipeline for a mere fraction of the cost.

With our lead generation campaign the first step filters your ideal prospect out of the masses so as to better target your business actions through pre-defined expectations and business goals. Once this is done we determine the lines of communication including products and services that your company wants to present. Once this is done we provide you with the objectives necessary to meet your company goals. We give you regular generation and proactive follow up and reporting methods to make sure that your plan becomes as effective as you want it to be.

If at any time your goals are not being met you have the ability to revisit your options with not only your collaborative team but ours. If necessary you can increase your budget for new leaves, something you might see after fast results, or you can rework your target geographic region as to improve the number of leads that you receive. No matter what you choose our company is here to help you through each part of the process.

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